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Static Tanks

Our Self Bunded Static Tanks are available in eight capacities 10,000L, 15,000L, 20,000L, 27,500L, 60,000L, 75,000L and 95,000L. The Static Tanks have minimal installation costs and are low maintenance. Each Tank is fitted with an Overfill Protection Valve, Four Lift Points, a provision for Fast Fill System and an Anti Syphon Valve.

  • Ideal for On-Site Conditions, providing that they have adequate protection from possible Vehicle Collision
  • Optional Features Available
  • Australian Made and Owned

  • Australian Made
  • Self Bunded
  • Signage
  • Lockable Fill Point
  • Overfill Protection Valve
  • 4 Lift Points
  • Dipstick
  • Anti Syphon Valve
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