About Us

ORH Truck Solutions Pty Ltd specialises in the manufacture of Mining and Industrial Equipment and providing only the best Support Services. ORH has built a reputation for its ability to produce effective solutions to every client’s requirement. This includes providing an extensive range of Mine Specification vehicles.We strive to deliver complete customer satisfaction and protection, through the focus of continual improvement on the design, installation and service on our range of vehicles in Brisbane, Queensland, Sydney & other major locations in Australia. We value:


ORH Truck Solutions prides itself with a drafting department, giving clients a clear vision of the product they are requesting.

You come to ORH with a custom requirement, and ORH will turn that into an easily operated and the safest to use.


ORH Truck Solutions strive to deliver only the best service and communication during and after sales. We endeavour to understand and produce all our customers’ requirements and specifications.


ORH Truck Solutions designs the strongest and most reliable Service Trucks and Water Carts in the industry at competitive prices. We ensure that all our products are superior in quality, safety, serviceability and design.


All trucks are fitted with state of the art modules. We utilise the best equipment available. Our modules are built to comply with mining specs and environmental requirements, with operator safety paramount.


Due to the increased demand, ORH Truck Solutions has opened a parts department located next to our Belmont workshop. We stock a range of accessories utilised on both our Service Trucks and Water Carts.

Reasons why our clients return time and time again:

  • Mine Spec
  • Reliable
  • Custom
  • Service
  • Safety