For A Wheelie Bin Lifter You can Rely On, Turn to ORH Truck Solutions

At ORH Truck Sales and Solutions, we manufacture a wide range of wheelie bin lifter trucks, which have helped in allowing businesses to maintain an effective waste management system. Nowadays, it has become crucial for businesses to adopt an efficient way of handling waste materials. You’ll be pleased to discover that our wheelie bin lifter products can help you achieve this.

We design a range of bin lifter solutions featuring a variety of different lifting capacity options, so you know that no matter what you need, we’ll have you covered. We design our wheelie bin lifters with safety as our first and foremost priority. As such, we manufacture our products so that we can help eliminate the risks that come with people tipping wheelie bins into skip bins on their own You don’t want workplace injuries, so leave it to the professionals to provide easier, safer bin tipping solutions.

Of course, all our wheelie bin lifters are also manufactured with high-quality materials and endurance in mind. Furthermore, you can rest assured knowing that your bin lifter will be capable of performing in whatever environment is required.  Common applications include construction or industrial sites, schools, restaurants, supermarkets, factories, or any other location that may need the use of a wheelie bin lifter in order to execute an effective waste management program. Whatever your wheelie bin lifter requirements, we can custom manufacture them according to your specifications.

Why Choose ORH Truck Solutions for Your Wheelie Bin Lifter?

ORH Truck Solutions are dedicated to providing our clients with wheelie bin lifter solutions that are capable of withstanding vigorous use and performing in top condition for an extended period of time. Our team of skilled tradespeople use only the highest quality materials in the manufacturing of our wheelie bin lifters. Therefore, you know that when you choose us for your bin lifter, you’ll be making a sound decision. Place your trust in a product that has been tried and tested by us personally.  

For more information on our wheelie bin lifter products, contact ORH Truck Solutions today!