Mining Equipment Spotlight: ORH Service Trailers 

At ORH Trucks solutions, we provide a range of vehicles and accessories that cater towards the needs of a range of different industries. The mining industry holds an especially great need for high-quality equipment. Luckily, ORH happens to provide some of the best mining equipment solutions available. We provide a

6 Reasons to Choose ORH Truck Solutions

When it comes to getting mining equipment, transport equipment or civil equipment for use in your particular industry, it’s important to ensure that you source your products from a highly reputable and trustworthy supplier. At ORH Truck Solutions, we specialise in the manufacture of superior quality mining and industrial equipment.

How to Reduce your Machinery Downtime with Service Trucks

Machinery downtime can be a company’s worst nightmare. Nothing puts a spanner in the works quite like stalled machinery does. Of course, when your work equipment comes to a halt, your workplace productivity is guaranteed to take a hit too. Unplanned malfunctions such as these can truly set you back

Why Customising a Skip Loader is the Best Option for You

Skip loaders are considered essential pieces of equipment in the waste management industry. Rubbish removal companies utilise them to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of skip bins. Whilst a skip loader is highly functional in itself, there is a way to ensure you receive maximum productivity out of its

What Kind of Service Trailer do You Need?

These days, you’ll find service trailers are used by a variety of people across a range of industries. Whether you’re looking for a trailer to boost productivity in the workplace or to increase efficiency when performing your daily tasks, there are many trailers out there on the market for you

Essential Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

According to consumer comparison site, the transport industry holds the second most dangerous occupations in the country. Of course, truck drivers play a crucial role in delivering cargo. In 2017, there were 54 reported deaths in the industry, up by about 15% from the previous year. It is also

What Makes ORH Service Trucks Reliable?

At ORH Truck Solutions, we thoroughly understand the needs of all the industries we serve. We recognise how challenging it is for our customers to find quality service trucks for hauling equipment, tools and supplies, and we won’t deny that buying such kinds of vehicles are a crucial investment for