Turn to Us for A Custom Truck You Can Rely On

At ORH Truck Solutions, our range of custom truck vehicles have been meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our clients for years now. Designed and manufactured to suit any application whether it be in the mining, industrial, agricultural or any other industry, our trucks can be tailored to suit whatever demands are requested of them.

ORH Truck Solutions consist of a team of highly trained and experienced tradespeople that will take the utmost care in building your custom truck so that it delivers on a range of levels. For one, we focus on durability when manufacturing your truck; using only the highest quality materials so that you’re guaranteed a vehicle that can perform in optimum condition in whatever industry you expect it to for an extended period of time.

Adaptability remains as one of our custom truck’s greatest features; being customisable, our trucks are able to be modified and fitted with extra accessories so that they can be better suited to whatever role they’re being used for. With this benefit, you’ll never have to worry about your truck underperforming in the workplace or lacking the necessities!

Of course, we also hold safety as one of our number one priorities when designing and manufacturing our trucks, so that you can be assured of a vehicle that promises a comfortable, safe, and secure operation.

Why Choose ORH Truck Solutions for Your Custom Truck?

Our team are dedicated to providing our clients with a custom truck that is more than capable of providing for every need our client may have. Being suitable for a variety of industries and designed to work in even the harshest conditions, our custom trucks are ideal for application in a range of sites and are offered at competitive prices to ensure that all our clients have the opportunity to experience the difference that our custom trucks make.

To find out more about our custom truck range, contact ORH Truck Solutions today and discover why we’re one of Australia’s top picks for mining and industrial equipment!