Garbage Truck

Top Manufacturer of Australian Garbage Trucks

For a garbage truck that you can rely on, choose ORH Truck Solutions, one of Western Australia’s most reputable manufacturers of new and used trucks for usage in a range of industries. At ORH Truck Solutions, we design and manufacture Australian garbage trucks with four key points in mind, which help us to ensure that our products end up meeting and even exceeding our client’s expectations.

Durability – Our garbage truck range are built using only the highest quality materials that promise durability and long-lasting performance for an extended period of time. You can rest assured knowing that when you choose to invest in a garbage truck from ORH, you’ll be receiving a product that promises to perform in tip top condition throughout vigorous use in even the harshest weather conditions.  

Cost-Effectiveness – Of course, we strive to make our garbage truck solutions affordable so that a range of clients have the opportunity to experience the difference our vehicles make.

Safety – As it always should be, safety is one of our top priorities when it comes to designing and manufacturing Australian garbage trucks. Aiming for a comfortable and safely operated design, our garage trucks have been built to meet some of the most stringent safety standards.

Support – Even after the purchase of your garbage truck, you can rest assured knowing that ORH Truck Solutions will be there to provide you with extra services including diagnosis, repairs, as well as inspections, reports, cleaning services and much more- we’re only a phone call away!  

Why Choose ORH Truck Solutions for Australian Garbage Trucks?

ORH Truck Solutions strive to provide our clients with top quality garbage trucks that follow the highest standards for quality and value for money. Our talented team of tradespeople use only premium quality materials in the manufacturing of our garbage truck range, therefore you can rest assured knowing that when you choose us for Australian garbage trucks, you’ll be receiving a vehicle that’ll deliver in all aspects; from durability to longevity and withstanding whatever harsh conditions they may face over the years. What’s more, we offer our Australian garbage trucks at competitive prices so that everyone has the opportunity to experience the difference our trucks here at ORH Truck Solutions make.

For more information on our garbage truck range, contact ORH Truck Solutions today and discover why we’re one of Australia’s top picks for mining and industrial equipment!

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