Mining Equipment Spotlight: ORH Service Trailers 

Mining Equipment Spotlight: ORH Service Trailers

At ORH Trucks solutions, we provide a range of vehicles and accessories that cater towards the needs of a range of different industries. The mining industry holds an especially great need for high-quality equipment. Luckily, ORH happens to provide some of the best mining equipment solutions available. We provide a range of robust products that are perfect for enduring the harsh conditions experienced on mine sites. Our trucks, tanks and service trailers are second to none, and promise to provide you with both long-lasting durability and functionality. 

Allow us to introduce you to just a few of our top service trailers for mining sites, from our premium range of mining equipment products. 

2018 ORH Wash Down Trailer

Wash down systems are a must-have in any industry. Often, you can find trailers that come with a range of tank sizes to accommodate for various capacities for water. The 2018 ORH Wash Down Trailer has been specifically manufactured for use in the mining industry. Our washdown trailers come with a polyethylene tank in either 1200L, 1500L, 2000L or 2500L. This heavy-duty dual axle trailer features rubber torsion suspenders, includes an electric pressure cleaner pump (3000 psi), and a retractable reel complete with a 25mm x 10m hose and nozzle. General specifications such as a strobe light, wheel chocks, toolbox and fire extinguisher are also included. Moreover, you’ll find it complete with mining specifications for emergency stop, a battery isolator, along with start and stop isolators. 

2018 ORH Poly Washdown Trailer

This washdown trailer has been manufactured as a more budget-friendly, cost-effective version of a washdown trailer. Ideal for mining conditions, this 2018 ORH Poly Washdown Trailer can be used for both on and off-road projects. Promising both reliability and functionality, this service trailer is also available in a 1200L, 1500L, 2000L or 2500L polyethylene tank. It features a 10HP electric start Yanmar driven water blaster (3000 psi) and a 30m hose reel. Mining specifications for a control box and key start panel, emergency stop, battery isolators, stop and start isolators, and wheel nut indicators are also included. 

2018 ORH Self Bunded Fuel Trailer

Our 2018 ORH Self Bunded Fuel Trailer features a heavy-duty design, ideal for use in the mining industry. This high-quality service trailer is available in three sizes. Moreover, its design is suitable for registration Australia wide. Of course, it comes with all the standard features such as a dual axle trailer, rollover protection, bulk and fast fill points, and much more. However, it also comes with 4.8hp Yanmar Diesel electric start with two pumps, hand and break away safety systems, 1000L/min Hydrau-Flo fast fill receiver system (non-pressurised), and a 10m x 25mm retractable hose wheel, complete with a 25mm auto shut off nozzle. 

2018 ORH Service Trailer

Service trailers accommodate for all of your mining site needs. With all the necessary general specifications included, the 2018 ORH Service Trailer comes with a range of tanks to aid in providing functionality to your mine site. It comes with one tank for 200L hydraulic oil, one 200L tank for PTO oil, one 200L for engine oil, a 200L coolant tank plus a 400L waste oil tank. Moreover, it has been designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions experienced on mining sites. With high-quality service trailers such as these, the needs and requirements of your mine site are always sure to be met. 

Choose ORH Truck Solutions for Superior Quality Mining Equipment

ORH Truck Solutions is dedicated towards providing only the best trucks, trailers and accessories to deliver towards a range of industries. We uphold the highest standards for quality, craftsmanship and customer service. As such, you can expect any experience with us to be a pleasant one. We work to bring you the ideal products and equipment for use in your industry and at your work site. Needless to say, you can expect each and every one of our solutions to prove as a worthwhile investment. They encompass a safe and sturdy design, while promising to offer your workplace a boost in productivity.

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