Searching for a Pig Trailer? Turn to ORH Truck Solutions

If you’re looking a durable pig trailer, you’ll be glad you found us here at ORH Truck Solutions. We have a reputable status as being one of Australia’s most trusted providers of new and used trucks, trailers, loaders and carts, offering our clients a range of products that never fails to meet and exceed their expectations.

When searching for a pig trailer, you’d want to make sure that you’re choosing a company that uses only the highest quality materials there are in manufacturing the trailer- after all, you wouldn’t want to transport your livestock in a flimsy, unreliable enclosure. You’ll be pleased to know that here at ORH Truck Solutions, our team of talented tradespeople will take the utmost care and caution in designing and building your pig trailer so that it meets even the most stringent safety requirements, and promises to provide durability and last for an extended period of time.

We can design your pig trailer according to your own specific needs and requirements, so that you can be guaranteed a trailer that will fit all the livestock you’re needing to in it. Having a custom-built trailer is one of the many perks you can enjoy when you turn to us for your pig trailer, which can be designed and manufactured in a range of sizes for a range of capacities, and fitted with extra accessories to further make your trailer more suited for its purpose.

Why Choose ORH Truck Solutions for Your Pig Trailer?

At ORH Truck Solutions, we are dedicated to providing our clients with pig trailers that deliver on all aspects and meet and exceed every expectation our clients may have. Along with custom trailers, we also offer a range of both new and used trucks for use in a variety of industries, and ongoing support services even after you purchase a product from us.

To learn more about the pig trailer range we offer, contact ORH Truck Solutions today and discover why we’re one of Australia’s top picks for mining and industrial equipment!

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