Robust Mining Equipment for Sale

When you are searching for mining equipment for sale in Australia, you should only rely on the expertise of ORH Truck Solutions. We are the leading supplier of industrial truck accessories in the country. As such, we acknowledge how crucial it is to design and fabricate products that can withstand the daily demands of the mining sector. We always strive to deliver premium quality mining equipment that meets the highest standards for durability and reliability. We achieve this by using state-of-the-art modules and the best materials available. Ask anyone in the country about ORH Truck Solutions, and you will hear that we’re known for providing a wide range of mine-spec equipment and vehicles.

Why Choose Mining Equipment from ORH Truck Solutions

  • You can trust that we will provide professional service during and after sales.
  • We ensure that all our mining equipment for sale are superior in safety, quality, serviceability and design.
  • Our earthmoving equipment is 100% Australian-made, and robust enough to withstand the harshest industrial environments in the country.
  • We provide high-quality replacement parts and full service for our mining trucks.

If you’re searching for top-quality mining equipment in Australia, do not hesitate to contact ORH Truck Solutions.