Get Your Diesel Fuel Trailer from the Trusted Truck Accessories Supplier

Companies in the industrial, mining, construction and agricultural sectors need to keep fuel stable and fresh. Suffice to say; fuel trailers play a crucial part in the economy. So, when you’re in need of fuel trailers that can reliably contain the fluids necessary for operating your heavy equipment, machinery and vehicles, you can trust that ORH Truck Solutions will be able to provide what you need.

We are well aware of how leaks in faulty tanks, valves and fittings can cost your business thousands of dollars in lost fuel and a massive clean-up required by environmental legislation. So, whenever we manufacture our diesel fuel tanks, we ensure that we follow strict Australian Standards. You can expect your fuel trailer to be both secure and durable when you choose ORH Truck Solutions.

Why Purchase a Diesel Tank from ORH Truck Solutions?

Here at ORH Truck Solutions, we specialise in customising trucks according to client specifications. Moreover, we always strive to achieve absolute customer satisfaction.