Premium Quality Service Trailer for Sale

If you work in the earthmoving, mining, agricultural or construction industry, then you’ll know how important it is to seek out the best service trailer for sale in Australia. You’ll need to find a suitable method for the hauling of tools, supplies, aggregates, dispensing equipment and materials effectively; needless to say, you’ll need to look for a company that understands the unforgiving demands of the daily industrial environment.

As one of the largest and most forward-thinking manufacturers of mining service trailers and truck accessories in Australia, ORH Truck Solutions can promise you the best value for your money. We cater to a whole range of different types of customers, including local authorities, construction companies, mining businesses and plant hire firms.

Why Choose Our Service Trailer for Sale?

At ORH Truck Solutions, we consist of a team of expert fabricators who specialise in manufacturing mining service trailers suitable for onsite machinery maintenance. What’s more, you are free to customise the equipment according to your requirements. Our service trailers can accommodate a diesel compressor and four separate tanks fitted with a hose, pump and nozzle. Moreover, we offer high-quality replacement parts and full service for our products.