What Kind of Service Trailer do You Need?

These days, you’ll find service trailers are used by a variety of people across a range of industries. Whether you’re looking for a trailer to boost productivity in the workplace or to increase efficiency when performing your daily tasks, there are many trailers out there on the market for you to discover. Moreover, you can customise them for just about any task. With such a versatile selection available, it’s become more convenient than ever to find the ideal truck accessory for your needs. That said, we understand that it can sometimes be overwhelming to scour through all the options in search for the perfect solution. 

Here at ORH Truck Solutions, we want to help in making the buying process a lot easier for you. That’s why we have put together this post to help you find the right trailer. Allow us to guide you through each trailer category and assist in choosing the perfect service trailer for the appropriate application.

Dump Trailer

A dump trailer is the perfect solution when you’re looking for a workhorse. It can carry an abundance of weight, withstand a great amount of abuse and take the back-breaking work out of your day. You can use a dump service trailer for hauling various things, including landscaping materials, dirt, rock, tree stumps and construction materials, among many others. One of the great things about dump trailers is that they have a hydraulic cylinder that dumps the load for you. So, if you are wanting a service trailer to dump dirt or waste, a dump trailer would be the ideal option for you.

Flat Top Plant Trailer

A flat top plant trailer is much like a dump trailer. It is highly versatile, and it is best for hauling bulky, single-piece items. Thanks to its simple design, you’ll be able to strap down objects in a quick and easy manner. If you’re planning to pull stacks of lumber or vehicles instead of bark and dirt, then a flat top plant trailer is the ideal option. Some examples of other items you can haul using a flat top plant trailer include off-road rigs, tractors, heavy equipment, trucks and construction materials, among others. 

Diesel Fuel Trailer

Manufacturers build diesel fuel trailers to pull behind one-tonne or smaller vehicles. They are designed to make the transfer of fuel easy and convenient. Diesel fuel trailers allow you to bring fuel for your equipment straight to your work site. In this way, you can save a whole lot of time and resources. They are ideal for mining, construction or logging fleets, where static fuel storage is not feasible. These trailers are the versatile and dynamic solution to all your mobile fuel sourcing and fleet refuelling needs.

Get Your Service Trailer from ORH Truck Solutions

ORH Truck Solutions is one of the biggest service trailer manufacturers in Australia. We provide customised truck accessories to suit a wide range of industries. So, whether you’re in the construction, mining, waste management or plant hire industry, we are your go-to supplier.

We consist of a team of skilled and experienced tradespeople. Moreover, we specialise in building service trailers with features for machinery maintenance on the site. If need be, we are always capable of customising the product according to your operational needs. We provide service trailers that can accommodate four separate tanks and a diesel compressor. You can expect every tank to come with a hose, nozzle and a pump.

Why Choose ORH Truck Solutions’ Service Trailers?

  • We ensure our trailers are suitable for both on and off-road projects.
  • We design them to mine site specifications.
  • They possess all necessary features which make them fit for use in construction, earthmoving, agricultural and mining applications.
  • We only offer 100% Australian manufactured service trailers.

ORH Truck Solutions promise to provide durable trailers which can endure the harshest industrial environments and weather conditions in the country. You can also turn to us for full service and premium quality replacement components.

Contact ORH Truck Solutions today and trust in us to provide you with the ideal solution for boosting your productivity and efficiency.

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